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World Book Day Celebrations

On Wednesday 6th & 7th March the children at OIS celebration World Book Day and the importance of reading and story writing.

So much of our learning and our everyday lives hinges on being able to read fluently and with understanding. Just think of all the things we do from morning until night that involve reading and being able to read well. And just think about how much of what we learn across the curriculum relies on a child being able to read with comprehension. Life is also enhanced by developing a love of books and reading.

Debbie Edwards, author of the Aggie Lichen books, visited us on Wednesday 6th to talk about her love of reading, and what it was that inspired her into writing. It is clear that good readers also make great writers! After her talk to the whole school, Debbie ran two fantastic writing workshops with our junior children which I hope may inspire them in future creative writing. The focus was ‘Superheros’. In groups, the children had to first think of a super power that would be helpful in defending the tooth fairies from the Grublins (characters from Mrs Edward’s book that wanted to steal the tooth fairies’ jobs). Next, they thought of a name for their superhero that was linked to the super power in some way.

Following this they had to make up a backstory for their superhero to explain how they had developed their powers and bring the characters to life.

Thursday 7th saw us celebrate World Book Day with a book character parade (where the children were asked to come dressed as a character from a book they enjoy). We had an amazing turn out from parents, children and staff, many of whom were dressed in fantastic costumes. After the parade, parents were treated a concert of three musical compositions based on scenes from well- known books. Miss Jacklyn, music teacher, did an amazing job of amalgamating the children’s ideas into innovative pieces of music.

I hope that the activities across the two days have inspired the children in their reading and writing and that we have some future authors amongst us.

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