Recycle Game

Eco Day

On Thursday 28th March the school held an ‘eco morning’ run by Birgit Federle and Brigitta Laurent.  Looking after our natural world is something that is receiving increasing coverage in the local, national and international press and we feel that it is really important that the children recognise the importance of caring for the world in which we live and are aware of how small actions by everyone can help do this.  During the morning the children learned about some environmental issues affecting all of us. One of the main issues is the impact of plastic and the lack of recycling on our planet.  The children then put their ‘reuse’ skills to the test by creating creatures affected by plastic waste, from old water bottles, Pringles cans and other ‘junk’.

This work will then tie into our art theme for the year of ‘Waste not, Want not’.  All of the children’s work for this theme will be exhibited at the school in the Summer Term.

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