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Years 5 & 6 Conquer their fears at PGL

At Oaks International we feel it is so important for the children to develop resilience, confidence and independence.  The Year 5 & 6 children had the opportunity to develop all three of these skills at their residential trip to PGL Bawdsey Manor last week.

For three days all the children were taken out of their classroom environment to embark on a real adventure where they tried some amazing activities, gained new experiences, practiced some real life problem solving, worked as a team with their classmates, challenged themselves and were amazed at what they were able to achieve.

They participated in activities such as the Sensory Trail, Giant Swing, Trapeze, Zipwire, Jacob’s Ladder and a number of team games.

All the children had lots of fun at the centre and recognise how much they developed through overcoming their fears and having that great sense of achievement, both personally and through working as a team.   Here are the comments from some of the children and teachers:

Rachael, year 5:

“PGL is amazing. You get to do things you’ve never done before. My favourite part was the zip-wire, because it was really fast, and the instructor was nice. Also, I got to share room with my friends.” 

Ayra, Year 5:

“PGL is a place where you get to experience thangs that you have never done before. If I went again, I would go higher, to the top of the giant swing. Now I know to always try things you thought you couldn’t do, because in the end, you will want to do them again!”

Brandon, Year 6:

“My favourite part of PGL was doing the zip-wire, because it was longer and faster than any zipwire I had tried before. I can’t believe I got to the top of Jacob’s ladder, not many people do that!”

Bernard, Year 5:

“I loved climbing Jacob’s ladder because it involved a lot of teamwork. I found it challenging when I was at the top of the trapeze, because it was a small platform and I felt scared. I can’t believe I had so much fun, and I got better at being friends with my roommates.” 

Lucile, year 6:

“At PGL, I loved trapeze because I made it to the top, which was fun and made me feel proud of myself. Something new I tried was the zip-wire… it was epic! My confidence grew because I knew it was my last time there so I tried everything, so I wouldn’t have regrets. I learnt to never give up, because you might not have a second chance. I challenged myself by saying I would get near the top of the trapeze. If I went again, I would make it to the TOP of Jacob’s ladder!”

Laia, Year6:

“At PGL, I loved going on the giant swing because it felt like I could touch the sky. Something new I tired was going on the zip-wire. i rally enjoyed running to stop myself. My confidence grew because I go to the top of trapeze and then I felt I could do anything else. I challenged myself by going as high as I could on Jacob’s ladder. My favourite part was sleeping with my friends.” 

Isaac, Year 6:

“At PGL, I loved the giant swing because when I went down it felt funny in my tummy. I loved trying Jacob’s ladder again, because last year I didn’t get to the top, and this year I did! My confidence grew because I have people cheering me on. I learnt how to put a harness on.” 

Ms Pauley and Mr Sheridan. Year 5 & 6 teachers:

“We are so proud of all the children and how well they conducted themselves during the trip.  Their determination and attitude was positive throughout and it was great to see how much they encouraged each other to overcome their fears and achieve more then they thought possible.  It was a very rewarding three days and we look forward to seeing them demonstrate their determination and courage to try new things in the classroom environment.” 


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