Oaks Waiting For A Train

All Aboard the Nursery Train

The Nursery have changed their role play area into Ely train station.  The nursery children have enjoyed taking on the roles of the ticket seller, train conductor, train driver, platform announcer and passengers travelling on the train.  They have worked together as a team to ensure that the trains run on time without delays and that the passengers on the train are looked after by serving refreshments and offering newspapers and books to read.  Even some teddy bears went on a trip too! We would like to say a big thank you to Ely Train Station for providing us with some authentic train station posters to help bring the role play area to life and make the station as life like as possible for the children.  Miss Ransome, commented that “Role play is an important part in children’s development as it helps them develop the skills to handle social interactions, which happen as they progress through life. When children engage in role playing it helps to develop their way of thinking and to develop confidence and security in the world around them.”

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