The Benefits of Being Multilingual

Oaks International School is home to students from all around the world, who speak a variety of different languages. The ability to speak one language is essential, but speaking more than one can open a range of doors to new experiences and opportunities. First of all, being able to speak several languages has fantastic cognitive benefits. In fact, research has shown that language skills help people with their attention span and ability to multitask.


Many companies nowadays seek staff who are bilingual or even multilingual, as a result of the diversity within our population. Bigger businesses often have offices overseas and therefore a translator is a necessity. What’s more, multilingual staff will allow the company to reach a wider target market. With that said, a person who is able to speak more than one language will be more desirable to prospective employers, even if other candidates are more qualified than you in terms of their experience or education.


Multilingualism opens up a lot of new travel opportunities for people. Of course, a person can travel to a country and navigate around without being able to speak the language, but you can experience so much more of a country and its culture if you are able to communicate with the locals and truly immerse yourself. Essentially, the ability to speak additional languages allows you to see the world in different ways and become more open minded.


Those who can speak more than one language are also able to communicate with a larger number of people. You’ll be able to enjoy different activities, make new friends and establish new hobbies. Generally speaking, multilingualism is a massive social advantage and a skill that can be passed on from generation to generation.


For our students whose home language isn’t English, we have an extensive Mother Tongue programme to help them maintain their language whilst they are living in the UK. It’s important to us that we embrace diversity and value different cultures.

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