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Understanding How Your Child Learns at Oaks International

At Oaks International, we are a happy, nurturing and hardworking school where students thrive in our individualised, supportive learning environment. We incorporate the International Primary Curriculum alongside the UK National Curriculum and provide children with a variety of learning resources; indoors, outdoors and even in the local area. Learning and the learning journey is at the centre of everything we do.

So how does your child learn at Oaks International?

At Oaks International, we embrace the individuality of every learner and we do all we can to enable them to do better than they can ever imagine possible. We support and encourage our students to be self- reflective, independent and to take increasing responsibility for their learning, enabling them to achieve to the best of their ability. After all, learning is about the child as a whole, not just the grades they receive.

So what is meant by amazing learning?

Amazing learning happens when our learners simply surprise themselves – and their parents and teachers, too – with the levels of learning they have reached. They have reached a level beyond which they thought was remotely possible. Because this level of learning is amazing, it doesn’t happen every day but it should happen every so often for everyone in Oaks. We want our children to leave us with a memory of how they were supported to reach a level that they can’t quite believe they achieved. We want them to take that memory of excelling beyond themselves into the next stage of their education so that they are confident, able to inspire others and develop as independent learners so they are able to reach their full potential.

In classrooms, our teachers continually assess how well their pupils are achieving the learning objectives set for them. Teachers then use this knowledge of the child to help plan future lessons appropriately and provide any specific additional support or extension they may need. Children are also provided with the opportunity to work together in groups, helping to develop their communication skills, whilst building independence and resilience.

There is a big difference between classroom environments where children are busy and classroom environments where children are busy learning.

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