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International Mindedness

We promote a culture of international mindedness, where all children and staff value different cultures, embrace diversity and know the importance of different perspectives on all areas of life in our increasingly inter-connected world. Our children learn from an early age to respect the different cultures and languages of their classmates and enjoy making friends from Cambridge and around the world.

International mindedness begins when children are very young and continues to develop through their schooling.  We know that the brain hard-wires continually revisited experiences, this is why the primary age is so crucial in the development of international mindedness. The different repetitive experiences  – good or bad, helpful or unhelpful – of the young child’s brain lay down are hard wired responses that are very difficult to unlearn. If we want children to be respectful of others it is important to start practising as soon as possible.

In the words of the psychologist Howard Gardner, who said that the whole purpose of human development is ‘a decline in egocentricity’. In other words, less about ‘me’ and more about ‘us’.

International Mindedness is reflected in many school activities both in and outside of the classroom and it is very rewarding to see the respect and understanding that the children have for each other’s backgrounds, making the school a caring, supportive and happy place to learn and play.

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