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Great school, lovely teachers in a stunning setting. Truly international flavour that has a good balance of local kids and kids from all over the world. Focus on languages, sport and arts. Very caring atmosphere.

Current Parent

My experience with Oaks International School has been excellent so far. All three of my children attend the school. Having moved here from Germany, I was happy to find that my children could continue to receive lessons in their native language, that the classes are small and personal, and that the teachers are very professional and accommodating. It is also fantastic for them to be around other children from other countries and to learn about other cultures and languages. My kids love going to school each day.

Current Parent

We chose Oaks International for our 3 children, as it offers what we felt was missing from other independent and state school environments – an ethos which promoted languages and a learning environment that was nurturing and inclusive. The school has a welcoming and friendly parent body and the teachers are approachable and attentive; partly I believe due to their small class sizes. The school encourages independence and curiosity, and we love that our children are excited to go to school. The schools have an active curriculum for sports, music and performance arts and the location – Cherry Hinton Hall provides a prefect environment for my active and energetic children.

Current Parent

Our son ADORES this nursery. The staff are beyond wonderful. They tailor the learning within the setting to cater for the passions of the children – knowing how much my son loved using the school camera they set a lovely task to take Autumn photos, and when he was obsessed with Super Heros they ended up all making a ‘Super Hero Training Course’!

Wonderful school with caring teachers and great installations in the gorgeous set up of Cherry Hinton park!

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