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Fees for the academic year 2019 / 2020 are presented below.

Termly fees include tuition, school materials (including textbooks) and local trips. Additional charges will be made for field trips.  They also include two Mother Tongue lessons (from Reception upwards) and two EAL lessons (from Year 1 upwards) a week. There are three terms in an academic year.

Payment for the nursery can be via Childcare Vouchers and by means of the Government’s Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) scheme.

50 weeks a year Nursery for 2 to 4-year-old children

  • £62 per day
  • £36 per session, with a minimum of four per week

Term time Nursery for 3+ Years and Reception Class

  • £4,229 per term

Infant and Primary School (Year 1 – Year 6)

  • £4,456 per term

Hot lunches (optional)

  • £255 per term or £4.25 per day (£3.75 Ducklings)

EAL (English as an additional language) additional lessons

  • £22

Mother Tongue additional lessons

  • £22

Primary School before and after school club (Attendance to be registered in advance)

  • Early Mornings (8am – 8.45am) £1.50 per day
  • Late Stay (3.15/3.30pm to 4.30 pm) £3.00 per day
  • Late Stay (3.15/3.30pm to 5.30 pm) £5.00 per day

Admission Fees

  • Registration Fee (non-refundable) per student £100
  • Acceptance Deposit (non-refundable) per student  £300

Please note:

All fees must be paid on or before the first day of term. A term’s notice of intention to remove a child from the School is required. If no such notice is given, parents become liable for a full term’s fees.

Advanced payment of the equivalent of two terms of tuition fees is required before Oaks International School will issue a CAS number (required by students applying for a Tier 4 Student Visa). If the student fails to secure a visa, this advanced payment will be refunded (less administration costs). If a visa is granted, 50% of the advanced payment will be used to pay for the first term of study and the balance will be kept as payment for the student’s final term of study.

Fee Assistance

Oaks International School offers a limited number of means-tested bursaries to support existing and new pupils to the school where parental means would be insufficient to meet the fees in their entirety. Bursaries, on a sliding scale, are awarded to students who we believe will gain most from an OIS education, and who will contribute fully to the life of the school.

The provision of all financial assistance is at the sole discretion of the School and is subject to the means-testing rigour expected of independent schools by the Charity Commissioners. Both parents/guardians will be required to provide proof of their income and assets. The level of support varies according to a range of circumstances including parental need, and also according to the amount of funding available.  All awards are reviewed annually during the summer term.

Please download both the Bursaries Policy and Bursary Application Form for more information and how to apply for a bursary at the School.

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