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Hedgehog Class Class (Year 1 and 2) taught by Mrs Karen Ebenezer

For the Year 1 and 2 classes, there are daily Literacy and Numeracy lessons. All classes follow a learning framework based on elements of the International Primary Curriculum, or IPC for short. The IPC is a topic based approach that incorporates Science, History, Geography, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Design & Technology (DT), Art, Sport and Music. The topics are carefully chosen for their diversity, subject coverage and interest value by the Infant teaching team. These topics are organised on a two year rolling programme.

RE and PSHE are also a very important part of the curriculum. In RE we explore some of the key beliefs, rituals and celebrations from different major religions.

At the Primary School Sport, Spanish and Music are taught separately by specialist teachers.

A plan of a typical school day might run as follows:

  • 8.45 – Arrival and quiet reading/independent activities
  • 9.00 – Spanish
  • 9.30 – Maths
  • 10.15 – Snack and Play
  • 10.45 – Phonics (children in differentiated groups)
  • 11.15 – Literacy
  • 12.00 – Lunch and play
  • 1.00 – Outdoor Sport
  • 2.15 – Topic
  • 3.15 – Story
  • 3.30 – Home

We plan trips based on what the children are learning through their topic, for example a topic on Houses and Homes might be enhanced by a trip to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, to learn about how people in different parts of the world adapt to their climate.

We also promote the learning of languages, with Spanish being taught in two 30 minute sessions each week, and also Mother Tongue lessons twice a week.

The class has two PE lessons a week covering games, dance, gymnastics, athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities and swimming over the course of the year.

Great school, lovely teachers in a stunning setting. Truly international flavour that has a good balance of local kids and kids from all over the world. Focus on languages, sport and arts. Very caring atmosphere.

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